Being in favor of Shah means being in favor of plunderer of the country

Imam’s residence was surrounded and any person who wanted to enter his home was either checked thoroughly or was prevented from entering

On the night before Khordad 16, (June 06) Hajj Aqa (Imam Khomeini) drafts the declaration ‘Being in favor of Shah means Being in Favor of Plunder (of the country)’ and hands it over for printing in Tehran. The next day the Imam’s residence is surrounded and any person who wants to enter his home is either checked thoroughly or is prevented from entering. In this connection, they (the Shah’s police) order taxi drivers not to pick up clergy passengers and seminary students. Imam Khomeini sends someone to meet with the head of Qum’s city police. Now in the morning, the head of the city police speaks to the taxi drivers and threatens them with dire consequences if they pick up clergymen passengers. Barely has he finished his speech that he is told Imam Khomeini wants to see him and so he comes straight from the city police headquarters to meet with the Imam. The Imam threatens him and tells him: “I have heard that you have said such and such a thing. Have you given such an order? If it is true then I will call Tehran right now and ask them to send a hundred cabs to transport the seminary students honorary (free of charge) to their destinations.” The city police chief panics and denies having issued such an order and claims that the Imam has been misinformed to which the Imam retorts: “In any case such news has been making the rounds. If until noon they report to me that such news is true, I will take such an action.” The city police chief gets up and once again calls a meeting of taxi drivers there and retracts his statements of the morning ordering the drivers to pick up clergy and seminary student passengers.

Taken from Untold Tales and Memoirs of Martyr Mahdi 'Araqi, p. 164

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