Visiting the holy city of Qom

Imam's trip to holy city of Qom following his return to the country

Qom; People's excitement while visiting the Imam

On Thursday morning the 1st of March, Imam Khomeini went to Qom to carry out what he had already promised. This was to not interfere in executive matters, which had to do with the government. The people of Qom and the surrounding towns embraced Imam Khomeini and honoured his arrival. On the first day of Imam Khomeini's entrance to Qom, he thanked the people, especially the people of Qom, and stated, "I am indebted to you… I am your servant".

      During the following days, some people and political parties wanted a share of the victory of the revolution. In some parts of the country, movements against Imam Khomeini started. Meanwhile, the provisional government was not powerful enough yet and had difficulties trying to replace the executive practices of the previous state. In these circumstances, where the official governmental system had not been selected yet, Imam Khomeini's responsibility grew heavier and heavier and people expected a miracle. This 76 year-old man was expected to sort out all the problems of the country and to bring about peace. Therefore, in addition to the group meetings, negotiations and response to letters, the Imam held four or five meetings a day and gave an official speech every day.

Imam in the vicinity of Hadhrat Ma'soomah's holy shrine; Qom

      In one of his speeches Imam Khomeini spoke of those who took no part in the campaigns for the revolution but now, after the revolution, want a share of the victory, and said: "We should obey the nation. We should not hold a pencil, sit at home, and write whatever we want… This… is a betrayal to the nation. This marketer, farmer, and worker…lost loved ones, gave blood, they have a share. All the shares of this revolution belong to them, not you and me who have sat aside and now hold a pencil in our hand."

      On the 10th of March, the Imam sent a letter to the Prime Minister, telling him to warn all ministries and governmental departments of the following: "Do not pay attention to my relatives, who refer to particular departments in order to appoint or dismiss figurers for certain positions. My relatives do not have the right to interfere in such matters."

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