He was a gift from God

When the news of the martyrdom of Haj Aqa Mustafa was received, everyone gathered to discuss how to narrate this event to the Imam and give him the news because out of the intensity of sorrow no body dared to report it to the Imam. Ahmad Aqa was restless as was evident from his shadow that was cast from the window onto the glass. The Imam was sitting in the room and came to know what had happened. He called out to Haj Ahmad Aqa who answered and the Imam said: “Come and tell me what has happened?” Ahmad Aqa broke down and cried. Naturally it was difficult to control but the Imam with his characteristic strength, only uttered “We are from Allah and unto Him is our return; this was a gift from God; today he took it back. Now get up and make preparations and see where we must go to take delivery of his body and where we must bury him.”

He was a gift from God: Fatimah Tabataba’i

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