Formation of mobilization forces was smart decision by Imam Khomeini

Formation of mobilization forces was smart decision by Imam Khomeini

Pundits believe that formation of mobilization forces by Imam Khomeini was a smart decision . Imam took the decision after victory of the Islamic Revolution in order to shield the country from internal and external threats.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic once said that the mobilization forces can shield the country and confront all threats by hostile powers against Iran.

The late founder of Islamic Republic maintained that millions of Basij members could defend the country in all perspectives.

We bring some phrases from a historic speech of Imam regarding the mobilization forces (Basij) as following:

Imam said that countries like the United States and some other colonial powers which are equipped with advanced weapons could be confronted with the power of faith.

“…. we are equipped with a more powerful weapon than theirs which is our belief in God and Islam. So, we are confronted with a supreme power, which is equipped with both modern weaponry, and satanic powers.”

  “ They are also inciting other countries against us and try to mobilize their allies in order to confront our nation. Now they are making propaganda against us everywhere in the world. “

“They are using the world mass media against us. They are, at the same time, threatening us with military intervention. Under such conditions, we should avoid disagreements and disunity. Rather, we should discuss our problems in a calm atmosphere.”

“The youths of a nation should be equipped with both religious and faith weaponry and material weapons.” 

Formation of Basij was another smart decision of Imam which was actualised following the lecture of him by the year 1358 .

The founder of Islamic Republic by the 5th day of month Azar of 1358 demanded for countrywide military training and formation of 20 million army.

Imam Khomeini amongst the gathering of Sepah Pasdaran (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)) members while emphasising on necessity of unionisation and preparation in anticipation of running threats unfavourable to our country, put so:

“Islamic country must be all of militarist and be trained as such…it has to be so all over that a country which after some years holds 20 million youths has 20 million gun bearer and a 20 million army…”

Imam’s word on necessity of public militarist education and formation of 20 million army soon was welcomed by various layers of politicians and people and this was how the nuclei of this great popular power was produced.

Soon after beginning of the imposed war of Saddam against Islamic Republic Imam’s intelligence was proved clearer as we all saw that if there was no Basij Iraq Baath Regime would have achieved its malicious goals in invasion of our country by the first days of the war.

Basij during 8 years of sacred defence by training and warlike organising of popular powers more than 2 million basiji dispatched to the war fronts and presented 850 thousands martyrs to Islam.

Imam Khomeini always acknowledged the necessity and importance of Basij and respected and valued the structure and its members in particular, he reckoned the formation of this great force, a kind of God’s blessing that was gifted to Iranian nation and spoke truly about it as follow:

“Basij is the clean, colossal and fruitful tree that its blossoms scent the spring of unionisation and vigour of love narrative. Basij is the school of passion and the institute of anonymous testifiers and martyrs that its followers made the Azan [announcement] of martyrdom and bravery on the pinnacle of its high minarets, Basij is the venue of barefoot people and the ascendance of clean Islamic thought of which graduates’ achieved an identity in anonymity and identity lessness.  Basij is the God’s pure army.”

And today we witness the growth of the clean tree so that it’s mobilised the huge popular volunteers on the grounds of culture, economy and social, above the defence preparation and became the source of valuable services to our country and our be loving people as well as a role model in the region for mobilisation of popular forces in defending Islamic and national values of some regional countries. And it’s of the very same wise expedience of Imam that in these days we witness the effectiveness of blossoming fruit of Basij tree in unionisation of popular resistance forces in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and…in bringing the malignant child of America and Israel (the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group) to the knees.

And this move will continue to the change of the world’s present power system geometry since in interpretation of the great leader of Islamic Revolution: “The Basijis of Islamic world must think of building the great Islamic government and this is feasible, because Basij is not exclusive to Islamic Iran only, nucleus of resistance must be build all over the world and resist against east and west.”

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