I am able to control my thought

On our persistence that he narrate to us about his experiences in prison and in Turkey, he would systematically devote only ten minutes and no more each night to recount those experiences. This is because he had set aside this amount of time especially for this purpose and he would then go to bed and state: "Although I don't feel sleepy but it is time to sleep." I would remark that while he was still lying awake in bed, he would begin to think and worry and thus it was better that he narrates to us his experiences instead. To which he replied: "No, I am able to control my thinking." I would respond by saying that if he rolled over for half an hour in bed, he could neither sleep nor also think to which he responded that: "I am able to control my thought.[1]

[1]I am able to control my thought: Mrs. Fatimah T?abataba'i

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