Fourteen-year discipline in performing pilgrimage

During the period of his stay in Najaf it was the Imam's habit that at 2.30 AM past midnight and recently at 2.00 AM he would enter the outer yard from the inner room and receive the clergy and the people. Thereafter, at 3.00 AM he would go to visit the shrine of the Commander of the Faithful, Hadrat 'Ali ('a) and would read the dual supplications both standing and sitting and would return home after reciting the pilgrimage prayer. This was the program of the Imam throughout the fourteen-years of his stay in Najaf except on Friday nights in summer when after the dusk and night prayers, it was time to cleanse the shrine and on such times the Imam would not visit the shrine.[1]

[1]Fourteen-year discipline in performing pilgrimage: Sayyid Mujtaba Rudbari

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