opponents take advantage of disputes among Muslims, Imam Khomeini explained

opponents take advantage of disputes among Muslims, Imam Khomeini explained

Imam Khomeini stressed that In the Islamic world today, we also observe that the opponents of the Islamic movement take advantage of disputes among Muslims.

Imam reminds the students that they do not possess sufficient wealth and power to make these things worth fighting over even according to the standards of materialism.

Parallel remarks are appropriate for the Muslim world as a whole, given the poverty and powerlessness which characterized the vast masses of the Islamic ummah.

Imam sanctions the students that they should take heed of the fact that the major purpose of the prophets and the Imams has been spiritual progress and moral improvement, and that the students must not content themselves with learning a few terms of Islamic jurisprudence.

The same warning should be heeded by contemporary Muslims.

We must not content ourselves with a handful of slogans and the performance of a few rituals, but must take steps for spiritual and moral growth.

Not merely in the seminary of Najaf, but wherever and to whom ever Islam is taught, this teaching must not confine itself to a rehearsal of basic beliefs and necessary practices, but must be accompanied by the moral and spiritual teachings which were the primary focus of the prophets and the Imams, peace be upon them all.

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Imam Khomeini's famous book "the combat with the self" and some other works may be read in order to gain insight into the thought of the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

It may be read in order to become familiar with the sort of problems which existed in Najaf at the time the lectures were delivered. It can be read as an example of the type of moral preaching which could be expected from among the best of Shi‘ite moral teachers of this age.

Imam's works can be read in order to learn something about history, sociology or anthropology, and in all of these areas valuable lessons are to be learned.

But more important than any of these is the moral lessons to be drawn for the Islamic community in general. Let us not content ourselves with ritual duties while ignoring the need for moral reform.

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