The institute marks its founding anniversary, highlights accomplishments

The institute marks its founding anniversary, highlights accomplishments

The institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini's works has emerged as sole platform to promote the dynamic thought and ideals of the late founder of the Islamic Republic

The institution for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works have been a sole platform for spreading Imam’s dynamic ideals and was approved to carry out it duties in the framework.

As an institution that was established due to Imam's recommendations to his son, the late Haj Ahmad Khomeini, to compile issues related to the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

The responsibilities of the institution following the death of Imam's beloved son, fell into hands to Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, and after the execution of the position of supreme leader.

The institute with the endorsement of the supreme leader has been successful in protecting Imam's thought until today.

An institution that not only did not fall into the trap of distortion, but also started a full-scale fight against the distortion of Imam's thought. It has remained such an institution that did not become a faction, but its performance showed that the Imam belongs to all political parties and groups. An institution that tried to express Imam's relationship with the people and the significance of public masses from the perspective of the Imam.

The current custodian of the institute, Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Imam, puts special emphasis on close association of the public masses with Imam and their trust in this regard should be preserved.

And acting head of the institute, Dr. Ali Komsari through several of his speeches keep introducing Imam’s thought and ideals to generation who has not seen him.

The institute and its officials have come to the scene today with a promotional approach. An institution that knows the media space and knows cultural work, for example, by preparing the Imam's electronic encyclopedia, showed that it has entered this field. An institution that knows the art scene, for example, on June 3, this year, with the screening of an important documentary called "Dilil Aftab" (A guide to sun) in the Farhan cinema.

This answered the doubt about Iran's role in initiating the war and holy defense through the language of art, a documentary that He presented the most documents in this field and was welcomed. Some may consider cultural work to be only publishing books and lectures, but the Institute for  Imam's Works, in addition to that, performs this task with the language of art and intergenerational dialogue.

An institution that hosted guests from foreign countries for a week on the 34th anniversary of Imam's death in the international field and played a role in introducing the Imam by holding meetings.

The institution that has established branches of the institute in Tehran, Qom, Isfahan, Najaf and Khomein, holding the cultural week in Khomein is one of such actions. In Some of those cities, Imam’s historic simply-built ancestral residences are also located. institution that has preserved Hosseinieh Jamaran with the same shape and face of those years when the martyrs and leading figures of the revolution walked in it and hosts different classes of people every day and hour. For example, we were sitting in a meeting where a family came to visit They had come, the person in charge of Hosseinieh immediately left the meeting and welcomed the family and said:

They are the Imam's guests and I have to welcome them. A valuable person told me that we have come here to work for the Imam, not to make ourselves famous. During the thirty-fourth anniversary of Imam's death, we organized a competition with the theme of Imam under the efforts of public relations institute.

An hour after the announcement of the competition, all the service and hardworking forces delivered to me the collection of notes that were addressed to the Imam. The splendor of the Islamic Revolution and the role of Imam Khomeini’s personality, views, thoughts, and literary works in the occurrence and perpetuity of the Revolution; the need of the future generation for the works of the the late founder of the Islamic Republic and standard-bearer of the global Islamic movement; the publication and propagation of the authentic and complete works and thoughts of His Eminence; and the prevention of historical distortion of the Islamic Revolution were among the factors which prompted Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Haj Sayyid Ahmad Khomeini to inquire through an elaborate letter about His Eminence’s view on the manner of studying, compiling and publishing his own works and related documents, and to determine the authority in supervising and ascertaining the authenticity or otherwise of whatever is to be published in the name of Imam Khomeini both in Iran and abroad. In his reply in the form of a written decree dated September 8th, 1988 [Shahrivar 17, 1367 AHS],

His Eminence assigned the responsibility of compilation and collection of all materials relevant to him to his own son, Haj Sayyid Ahmad. In consonance with this decree, the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works was established and has commenced its activities. The heart-rending event of the demise of the Imam of the Muslims and the burgeoning need of the Islamic society to obtain His Eminence’s guidelines and literary works have compelled this Institute to expand its realm of activities qualitatively and quantitatively. Along this line, the law on the preservation of Imam Khomeini’s works was enacted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (the Iranian Parliament) on November 5th, 1989 [Aban 14, 1368 AHS] and approved by the Council of Guardians as binding and ready for execution. In this manner, pursuant to its momentous religious and legal mission, this Institute has embarked on planning and modifying its organizational structure within the framework of the following objectives:

1. Collection of all related documents and literary works of Imam Khomeini as well as all works relevant to his personality, life, struggles, and thoughts written by writers or made by artists both in Iran and abroad;

2. Permanent preservation of the aforementioned documents and works through the most appropriate means;

3. Study and research on the literary works for the elucidation of the history of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini biography, and compilation, translation and preparation of the literary works’ compendium for publication;

4. Publication of the literary works’ compendium through various means both in Iran and abroad, and propagation and dissemination of the Imam’s thoughts and ideals;

5. Perpetual supervision of everything written or made by artists in the name of Imam Khomeini; prevention of distortion of the Imam’s speeches, writings, and events related to the Imam; giving replies to the inquirers and researchers on the literary works as the official center for the collection and preservation of the documents and works of the Imam.

In order to attain the above-cited objectives, the main programs and activities of this Institute can be divided into the following areas: a. Collection of the documents and works, which include

(i) collection of documents and works of Imam Khomeini;

(ii) collection of all works related to the Imam’s biography, struggles and thoughts written or made both in Iran and abroad; b. Permanent preservation of the documents and works;

c. Study and research, translation, compilation, and preparation of the works for publication;

d. Publication of the works and continuous revival and propagation of the thoughts and school of thought of Imam Khomeini;

e. Supervision: Consonant with the decree of the Imam and enactment of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Institute is the sole official source of whatever is to be published in the name of Imam Khomeini.

The institute contact information comes as following: 

International Affairs Department
The Institute for Compilation and Publication of
Imam Khomeini's Works
NO. 59, HASANIKIA ALLEY,YASER ST.,Yaser St., Bahonar Ave.,

P.O. Box: 1976855211
FAX: (+9821) 22 83 4072
TEL: (+9821) 222 92 593

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