Summit underway to discuss Women's role and position in contemporary world

Summit underway to discuss Women's role and position in contemporary world

A summit discussing Women role in contemporary Muslim world has been organized to discuss and analyze Imam Khomeini's ideals and thought in this regard will be held in the Iranian capital Tehran

A summit titled “Women, Islam and the Contemporary World” will be held on May 26th-27th by the efforts of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution Research Institute and college.

 Dozens of articles have been sent to the secretariat for the presentation at the academic gathering.   

Muhammad Mahmudi-Kia, a faculty member of the college said that the planned conference has been widely welcomed by academics and intellectuals due to the diversity of the study areas and the role and position of Muslim women in the contemporary world and other related and associated issues.

The professor said that more than 154 abstracts of articles were sent to this conference in various fields covering such as sociology, political thought, historical studies, mystical studies, as well as jurisprudence-legal studies. 

 The articles were dispatched and sent to the secretariat, and after scientific evaluation, 60 articles were selected to be published following certain proceedings. 

Mahmudi-kia further added that at least seven scientific panels consisting more than 40 professors and researchers of the country will hold debates and follow up discussing. 

In addition to the presence of the Iranian professors and scholars,  Bilal Al-Laghis, a professor at the University of Beirut; Zainab Molla Al-Sultani, Vice-chancellor of al-Zahra University in Iraq; Dr. Abdullah Ahmad Safar, professor at Kuwait University and Dr. Nouruddin Abolahiya, professor at Batte University in Algeria They will also present their articles via video.



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